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Affiliate Programs have quickly become the most effective and popular marketing tool to increase traffic and earn extra income from your website.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program allows you to have hundreds, if not thousands, of websites and webmasters selling your product or service for you.  You reward the websites and Webmasters by paying them on a per-lead or per-sale basis. Most affiliate programs pay on a per-sale basis, meaning that you would pay a certain commission or percentage for each referred sale.

What are some of the benefits of having your own affiliate program?

  Increase in website traffic.

  Increased sales.

  An effective means of advertising your products/services.

  A cost-effective advertising and marketing campaign.

Introducing the Simple Affiliate:


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What is the Simple Affiliate?

The Simple Affiliate will run an affiliate program for YOUR website.  Once installed you can start your affiliate program right away and run a huge and effective affiliate program.

Some of the features of the Simple Affiliate are:


The administration section for Simple Affiliate has all the features you need to run an automated affiliate program.  With a very easy to use interface, you will have no trouble getting the affiliate information you need quickly and easily.

Here are some of the Administration Area features:

  Lets you approve sales/signups, or set it to automatically approve them

  The payment center lets you add a sale, view/edit/delete affiliate sales, pay affiliates, create and view archives and more!

  A simple to use "Manage Affiliates" section where you can view stats, view/edit/delete affiliates, view all affiliates, add affiliates, etc..

  Allows you to view the stats on your entire affiliate program to let you see the progress it has made

  Send a mass mailing to all affiliates with fully personalized messages

  Simple Affiliate lets you customize all of the emails that go out for both first and second tier signups and commissions.

  You can also customize all header and footer html right from the admin

  A "Page" section which allows you to add new pages for your affiliates to promote with the click of a button

  Keep your affiliate program running fast with the "Clean Files" section which allows you to easily erase old data files that aren't being used

  Real time statistics

  Simple to setup, the admin is all browser based, NO TEXT FILES TO EDIT.


This is where it gets really good. We have designed it with features that no other affiliate program has. You see, most programmers are too "technical" to understand the marketing purpose of a program. We look at writing a script quite differently than the rest, and add marketing benefits that the others haven't thought of yet.

A few features of the Affiliate Area are:

  No question marks in the affiliates referring URL (meaning they can be submitted to search engines!)

  Affiliates have unlimited amount of tracker IDs so they can track their advertisements!! (you will not find this anywhere else!)

  Real time statistics for your affiliates on everything

  The tracker IDs are also past when a sale is made, this means affiliates can track which ad gets the most sales!

  Hits to sales ratios for each tracker ad formatted in an easy to read graph!
Affiliates can view stats by the day

  Simple Affiliate gives affiliates detailed sales reporting with the click of a button

  Shows the referring URLs and how many hits each got
Affiliates can add tracker notes so they can be reminded which ad was for what
Shows stats by month!

  Affiliate area runs off of a header and footer file which is editable in the admin. Strangely enough, we could not find any other script that had this, this way your affiliate program will not look like everybody else's

  Affiliates can add a short code to the end of their referral URL and send traffic to different product pages

  They can change all of their payout info quickly and easily

  A link codes section which is completely editable by the admin and can be fully personalized

  If the admin desires, the affiliates can view their second tier and even send a mass personalized mail to them!



And it keeps getting better, here are some of the other great features of using the Simple Affiliate:
  Signup form has a header and footer files editable by you (fits in with YOUR website theme).

  Signup form can be referring URL protected if you wish!

  This script can integrate with any payment system you have... GUARANTEED!

  The whole script is completely customizable all from the browser

  It tracks by cookies and IP addresses giving you a stable means of tracking!

  Handles 1 or 2 tier programs easily

  You can pay out percentages of a sale, or a flat fee for all sales on 1 or 2 levels

  In the admin, you can pay one affiliate more than you pay the rest! Every affiliate is set up with the default payout, then you can change each affiliates individually if you want.

  Export features allow you to export to programs like QuickBooks or MS Money for automatic check writing

  Sophisticated data structure allows for affiliates to send tens of thousands of hits per month, every month and never become corrupt (this is extremely important!)

  With Simple Affiliate you can choose which affiliate gets the sale when a customer clicks on two affiliate links. You can have it to where the first affiliate that the customer ever clicked on gets the sale, or set it up to where the last affiliate that the customer clicked on gets the sale.

  The program is very simple to use for both the admin and affiliates.

The Simple Affiliate includes EVERYTHING you need including step-by-step instructions and videos showing you EXACTLY how to INSTANTLY install and use your Simple Affiliate!

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The Simple Affiliate is a Perl CGI script is installed on your own UNIX web host.


  • UNIX (or the equivalent) web hosting

  • Sendmail


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